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by StarGazer at 198.10/54:142 GCT

A big welcome to all new citizens! This post sums up some starting tips and recommendations for you. Enjoy diving into the deep mysteries of various stations and the people living there. Please never hesitate asking questions and sharing your feedback!

Content of this post

  • Game Basics - Some Starting Help
  • Contact - How to get in touch with us
  • Conflicts - What can I do if someone misbehaves?
  • Feedback - How to report issues and to provide feedback?
  • Updates - A glimpse on upcoming features
  • Videos, Screenshots and reports about the game.


Game Basics - Some Starting Help

Contact - How to get in touch with us?

You can contact us in various ways. We will try to answer as quickly as possible.

  • Forums - In case of game questions, using our forums will also allow other players to help you.
  • Chat - The team will show up in chat when possible, but please understand that depending on the overall chat activity a question might get lost if no team member is active when you ask. In case of conflicts or if a private data is involved: Please do not use the public chat and preferably connect to us by an alternative way.
  • Social Media - You can also send us (private) messages on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Email - You can send us an email to:
  • Skype - Connect with TauStation_StarGazer

Conflicts - What can I do if someone misbehaves?

Tau Station wants to provide a welcoming gaming atmosphere without conflicts or things like disturbing behavior. We have integrated abuse report functions, which empower each of you to report such issues easily. There are report buttons in the chat (simply hover the message), forums, game emails (private messages), and blog posts. Along with this, you can always get in touch with us as is mentioned above.

Feedback - How to report issues and to provide feedback?

Feedback / Your Opinion / Suggestions

  • Use the feedback forum to share your statements about what you like or don't like.
  • Join the discussion forum if you want to discuss features or suggestions with other players.
  • You can also send us an email at

Bug reports

  • Report button - On the upper right of your screen is a bug icon. You can send us a notification very easily this way and it even auto-fills several details for you. However, screenshots cannot be added so far; if you want to share a picture, the best way is using a free picture host and adding the link to your message. In case of issues, the team will always help you, just send us an email or get in touch via Skype to share the picture.
  • Forum post - Post on the Issue Report Forum // dedicated typo summary post
  • Email - You can also send us an email, including pictures at

Updates - A glimpse on upcoming features

  • New missions, stations, and even entire star systems
  • New items
  • Level-Cap raise (currently 25)
  • New skills
  • Music
  • Crafting
  • Syndicates & Syndicate Market
  • New Careers
  • Starships (become a captain)
  • Ice Mining
  • Elite-style trading
  • and more…

Please keep in mind that like any games in development, Tau Station will not be in a complete state, and will go through changes, based on the Community feedback and our development of the game. Full release is scheduled for never, as we wish, for Tau Station to keep growing beyond the thousands of planets currently known by human.

Videos, screenshots, and reports - Can I post about Tau Station in public?

Yes! - As of March 2018, you are kindly invited to create reports, share screenshots etc. about the game. We would like to ask you only for one favor: please mention that what is shown is Alpha (later Beta) status, as the game gets updated frequently. - Thank you.

Fan sites - In case you even have a fan site like a WIKI page, please read this announcement how to get a simple permission for using Tau Station assets like item pictures, and not only screenshots.

► Please share a link to your reports or projects, etc. with the Community on the forums!


Enjoy the game and welcome on board!

Your Tau Station Team


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