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by StarGazer at 198.09/77:408 GCT

It's really amazing that some Community members are already working on websites about Tau Station. We've been asked if it is okay to use the assets of the game, for example items to create overviews for all players. We are happy to support your activities and compiled some simple rules that give you the permission of using more than screenshots.

Permission rules

Any website can show screenshots of the game. You are permitted to use source pictures of Tau Station (like item PNG files) if you meet the following conditions:

About your website

  1. Your site is a non-commercial fan site about Tau Station.
  2. Your site clearly states, "This website is a private project and not an official offer by the creators of Tau Station."
  3. The statement (2) contains a link to the official game website (, e.g. by extending the statement by "Visit the official game website at".

About our pictures

  • You do not use deep-links to our servers but host the pictures somewhere else (e.g. on your own servers).
  • You inform your audience about copyright by adding the following text line to your site "Tau Station pictures by courtesy of Makes Dreams Happen SASU, France".

On top to that, we reserve the right to revoke the permission for single sites or people, anytime without the need of explanation.

Makes Dreams Happen SASU, France.


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