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by StarGazer at 197.76/71:455 GCT

We have already accomplished much during the Closed Alpha Test, thanks to our Community members who joined the first and second phase of the Closed Alpha Test!

Welcome, new adventurers!

Welcome, to the next wave of new adventurers today! Everyone who signed up to our newsletter has been invited to join the Final Alpha phase. We're happy to have you on board now and are very interested in your feedback!

Content of this post

  • What does Final Alpha mean?
  • Some Starting Help
  • Contact - How to get in touch with us.
  • Conflicts - What can I do if someone misbehaves?
  • Expectations - What is expected from you?
  • Feedback - How to report issues and how to provide feedback.
  • Account Sharing - Am I allowed to share my account with other people?
  • Videos, screenshots and reports about the game.


What does Final Alpha mean?

Open registration is coming soon! With your help, we will be testing server capacities and other aspects before we finally go live. We continue to improve the game based on your feedback. What you have to say counts!

Some Starting Help

Contact - How to get in touch with us?

You can contact us in various ways. We will try to answer as quickly as possible.

  • ► Forums: In case of game questions, using our forums will also allow other players to help you.
  • ► Chat: The team will show up in chat when possible, but please understand that depending on the overall chat activity a question might get lost if no team member is active when you ask. In case of conflicts or if private data is involved: Please do not use the public chat!
  • ► Skype: Connect with TauStation_StarGazer
  • ► Social Media: You can also send us (private) messages on Facebook or Twitter.
  • ► Conflicts: In case of conflicts, please see below for details about the "abuse" report functions.
  • ► Email: Until further notice (new address will be announced), you can send us an email to:

Conflicts - What can I do if someone misbehaves?

Tau Station wants to provide a welcoming gaming atmosphere without conflicts or things like disturbing behavior. We have integrated abuse report functions, which empower each of you to report such issues easily. There are report buttons in the chat (simply hover the message), forums, game emails (private messages), and blog posts. Along with this, you can always get in touch with us as is mentioned above. The best way is to reach out to our Community Team via Skype or email.

Expectations - What is expected from you?

Play and enjoy the game! If you want do more, please support the entire Community and the further development by reporting bugs, asking questions, sharing your opinions, and providing suggestions. These insights help us to identify what we can do better for you. Please do not hesitate to share honest, productive feedback with us at any time. We believe in cooperation to get the best results and improvements for everyone.

Feedback - How to report issues and how to provide feedback?

Feedback / Your Opinion / Suggestions

  • Use the feedback forum to share your statements about what you like or don't like.
  • Join the discussion forum if you want to discuss features or suggestions with other players.
  • You can also send us an email (see above),

Bug reports

  • (1) Report button - On the upper right of your screen you will find a bug icon for reporting tech issues. It even auto-fills several details for you (screenshots cannot be added so far).
  • (2) Forum post - Post on the Issue Report Forum (no pictures possible so far)
  • (3) Online Google sheet - Report online and add up to 5 pictures.
  • (4) Email - You can also send us an email, incl. pictures (see above).

Account Sharing - Am I allowed to share my account with other people?

No. - Account sharing is prohibited in general as a matter of fair play and to award everyone's personal activity.

Videos, screenshots, and reports - Can I post anything about Tau Station in public?

Yes! - Thanks for your support! As of March 2018, you are kindly invited to create reports, share screenshots etc. about the game. We would like to ask you only for one favor: please mention that what is shown is Alpha (later Beta) status and that several features and improvements are in development, as the game gets updated frequently. - Thank you.

Please share a link with the Community here on the forums as well!


Again, thank you all for supporting us and for joining the final steps before we open the star gates for everyone...

Your Tau Station Team


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