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This thread contains a useful summary of links. It will be updated on a regular basis to be up-to-date and to provide you with a comfy overview with quick access to all monthly status reports and changelogs we have published so far.

Q2/2019 (Apr-Jun)

Q1/2019 (Jan-Mar)

Status Report for Q1/2019

December 2018

Status Report for December 2018

November 2018

Status Report for November 2018

October 2018

Status Report for October 2018

September 2018

Status Report for September 2018

August 2018

Status Report for August 2018

July 2018

Status Report for July 2018

June 2018

Status Report for June 2018

May 2018

Status Report for May 2018

April 2018 (Game Open)

Status Report for April 2018

March 2018

Status Report for March 2018

February 2018

Status Report for February 2018

January 2018 (Closed Alpha Start)

Status Report for January 2018

All Status Reports Prior Closed Alpha

Dec 2017Nov 2017Oct 2017Sep 2017Aug 2017Jul 2017Jun 2017May 2017Apr 2017Mar 2017Feb 2017Jan 2017Dec 2016Nov 2016Oct 2016Sep 2016


Monthly Status Reports

Every month, we share some development insights about what was achieved. These reports can be found on our blog.


Every game update comes with a dedicated changelog blog post that contains a compact summary of all changes (new features, improvements, modifications and fixes). This has been done on a regular basis since we started the Closed Alpha Test.

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