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by StarGazer at 197.28/77:126 GCT

Dear test participants,

Thank you once again for joining the CA Test. The Community has been providing a lot of useful reports, suggestions, and comments. If we count reports via Google and the forums only, we're talking about 3 digits already! The test participants from the first shuttle have been very active, and the second shuttle's participants have been just as awesome. Please continue sharing your thoughts with us!

Today, we would like to ask you for a special favor. There are a lot of people who'd love to join the game and it would be nice to share some impressions with them. We're looking for your personal opinions!

A special blog post for sharing insights

We would like to publish a special blog post for everyone; especially for those who haven't been able to play the game yet. So let's share insights about the Closed Alpha Test together, including your personal perception of the test, and the game itself. We would like to publish comments, impressions, and quotations coming right from you!

What to write about?

It's totally up to you what to write about. You can mention a feature (maybe similar to Day 1 feedback), your first learning / “aha” moment in the game, the first people you met, your feeling when you managed your first level up, how you perceived the first update, etc. Maybe you want to mention any personal plans, like creating a guide for other players, or what university courses you're going to take. The only thing we would like to ask is for you to take into consideration that this is a Closed Alpha Test and Tau Station still in development ;)

What is requested, in a space-nut shell

► Your personal thoughts / impressions - free will: only if you want to

► The authors will be indicated with their screen names from the game

► Channel: Please send an email to

please use the email address of your game account

► Text limit: max. 400 characters

► Deadline: Send your text by Wednesday, Jan 31st the latest

Please understand that we might not be able to share all contributions, and that sometimes, excerpts from what you send us might be used. This depends on the amount of entries we receive, as well as our goal of trying to avoid too many repetitions. - In case of questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

We're looking forwarding receiving your emails!

Your Tau Station team


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