Topic: Welcome to the second wave of Alpha testers and thank you to everyone !

by Leila at 197.18/95:458 GCT

Hello everyone, today is a great day as we implemented the first update, including the reports you have been sharing with us since the beginning of the Closed Alpha, and we thank every one of you for that!

Thanks a lot from all of us on the Tau Station team!

We are also excited to welcome more than 200 new testers to the game. We hope that these new recruits will enjoy the game as much as the first group of testers have, and that we will continue to improve the game together!

We are deeply convinced that sharing feedback with one another is what makes things go better, so please don’t hesitate to help each other to discover the great universe that we are playing in. Feel free to ask questions in chat and on the forum. The Tau Station team and other players will be happy to help you get the best experience possible with the game and will answer to your questions so that we can have a great experience together!

Thank you all for joining the Closed Alpha Test (round 2), and for what you're doing to help make Tau Station into the vision we hold for it, and more!

Your Tau Station Team


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