Topic: Closed Alpha Test: extension, updates

by StarGazer at 197.12/76:633 GCT

Hi, everyone!

You've been reporting a lot and thanks to that, we will be performing a big update to the game. Time to share some organizational details about the general update process with you. We aim for using standard time frames you can rely on. All of you know that you need to adapt plans sometimes. In case any change is needed, we will inform you. So here it goes, these are the plans for updates:

Alpha environment updates on Tuesdays

  • ► Frequency: weekly on Tuesdays
  • ► Next one: 16 January 2018
  • ► Start: ca. 10:00 am CET (Paris time) = 04:00am EST = 01:00am PST
  • ► Duration: hard to estimate as it's the first time. We hope for your understanding!
  • ► Game: needs to be closed, you can login afterwards again

Extending Closed Alpha

Next week, a couple of fixes will be deployed. We kindly invite you to keep testing. Yes, this means the Closed Alpha will be extended! Further details haven't yet been decided, as this will also depend on further progress. Once we know more, we will share the details with you.

We hope that you keep up your awesome support. Thank you!

Your Tau Station team


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