Topic: How to report issues (updated)

by StarGazer at 198.82/50:585 GCT

Please report any issues your are facing. The game and therefore all adventurers in Tau Station will benefit from your input. Please get in touch with us in case of questions. Thank you!

How to provide a report

There are several channels you can use, whatever you prefer.

²: Adding pictures not possible for this option so far (in progress)

How to add screenshots?

Sometimes, screenshots help to explain an issue.

  • (1) You can use a free picture host and simply add the link to your report text
  • (2) Send us an email to:

How to provide a feature/improvement suggestion?

The best way is using the game & test feedback forums, because this way the enitre Community can read and discuss your idea, eventually making further useful suggestions, based on your idea.

What happens afterwards?

If you use our reporting button, your contribution goes directly into our ticket system. In case of other channels, the Community team forwards your input (email, forums, skype) to the development team for further investigation, fixes or improvement solutions. We always try to share feedback, but please understand that some issues might take a little time and that it will also be a question of how many reports are sent in total.

Thank you very much; we hope you enjoy the game!

Your Tau Station Team


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