Topic: Please drop issue reports in here

by StarGazer at 197.04/88:213 GCT

Please use the "Report Bugs" feature for bugs. If that is not enough, you may discuss the issue here. Either way, we will keep you posted about forum improvements.


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[BUG]: very fresh unread emails are not shown as bold by moritz 4 0 200.73/70:748 GCT
Stackable items fragment in inventory by moritz 1 0 200.77/50:030 GCT
Item: Belt Knife by moritz 1 0 200.77/85:083 GCT
Issues with Cloning Facility Name by Cayce-1018 3 0 200.76/55:333 GCT
Mixed stim names in discreet work by moritz 1 0 200.76/82:278 GCT
Syndicate Campaign reward items are out of order by Perleone 1 0 200.75/95:413 GCT
Syndicate Storage History and Syndicate Campaign Rewards message disagree by Perleone 3 0 200.75/44:987 GCT
Uneven scrolling in Syndicate Campaign Completion Popup on mobile by moritz 1 0 200.76/33:881 GCT
Syndicate Campaigns: Mobile view: ''Recent Fighters'' list runs past edge of screen (doesn't wrap) by quasidart 3 0 200.72/23:806 GCT
SynCam reward bond packages show up as items instead of real bonds by Perleone 3 0 200.73/98:255 GCT
A well-filled Syndicate storage brings the Campaign page to a near halt by Perleone 1 0 200.73/99:075 GCT
Stackable stims don't stack in syn storage by Perleone 1 0 200.73/98:034 GCT
I keep getting jailed during Syn Campaign combat by Perleone 1 0 200.70/05:126 GCT
Stims that were not renamed by Perleone 1 0 200.68/79:551 GCT
Stackable syn campaign loot doesn't stack in syn storage by Perleone 1 0 200.68/47:878 GCT
[Cosmetic] Redundant backend validation for email subject by Perleone 1 0 200.59/72:719 GCT
Syndicate Campaigns: Going to jail instead of hospital when Focus runs out by Perleone 1 0 200.71/52:756 GCT
Extremely long float numbers in credit logs by Perleone 1 0 200.55/52:098 GCT