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Topic: Please drop issue reports in here

by StarGazer at 197.04/88:213 GCT

Please use the "Report Bugs" feature for bugs. If that is not enough, you may discuss the issue here. Either way, we will keep you posted about forum improvements.


Title Replies New replies Date Delete Post?
Ration notification by Sotheryn New! 0 0 201.48/41:739 GCT
Rules of engagement for bodyguards by Perleone 4 4 201.46/84:541 GCT
Questionable bodyguard terminology by Perleone 3 3 201.46/84:055 GCT
Player Mods only partially removed by quasidart 1 0 201.46/77:508 GCT
Vendors (price modifiers) by AndreaEntangle 4 0 201.45/77:564 GCT
Post deleted by AndreaEntangle at 201.46/52:489 GCT
Forum start page shows '[DEV] [DEV] Syndicate Forum' by Perleone 5 0 201.46/30:008 GCT
There's barely a trace of any bodyguard transaction by Perleone 2 0 201.46/30:727 GCT
UI: Some small problems by Xierumeng 4 0 201.29/79:801 GCT
Inventory by Shadow 3 0 201.39/02:756 GCT
Post deleted by Shadow at 201.39/02:787 GCT
Inconsistent item: Wreck Runner's Shock Lance by moritz 1 0 201.36/13:031 GCT
Syndicate Campaign: Two Criminals by Xierumeng 1 0 201.37/15:243 GCT
Button to Return to Area is Missing in Character Sheet by Cayce-1018 7 0 201.28/60:640 GCT
Side Jobs, employer by Sotheryn 10 0 201.29/00:637 GCT
Combat: Attacking while repairing by Xierumeng 1 0 201.29/80:321 GCT
Shipping: Picking up a rejected item by Xierumeng 1 0 201.29/80:845 GCT
Item: Barman's Caltrop by moritz 2 0 201.31/48:472 GCT
Shipyard's new help text is also (or more?) applicable to Docks by quasidart 1 0 201.26/77:772 GCT
Cameras disabled by Sotheryn 4 0 201.30/73:946 GCT