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Announcing the Tau Station Education Manager

I am pleased to announce the community Tau Station Education Manager.

On the surface, it just looks like a list of courses, which in itself is already pretty useful.

But there is more:

  • You can sort by a column by clicking on the column heading. You can sort by two columns by pressing the Shift key while clicking on the second column.
  • You can filter by availability at a specific station by clicking on the checkbox in that station's column header.
  • You can filter by module and course description through the search field at the top
  • When you click on a course name, a pop-up opens that shows the description, a list of prerequisites (and their prerequisites, transitively), sorted in a way that you can take them in the same order. In addition, some courses are annotated with community-supplied measurements. For example Advanced Fuel Efficiency has the extra information "Reduces fuel consumption by 10%".

Course Management

But wait, there is even more!

When you tell the page which courses you have completed, it can do much more for you.

Go to your character page, and copy the contents of the Education section, starting from Enrolled in. (Or, if you're lazy, copy the whole page.) Then go to the bottom of the education manager page, and paste the previously copied text there, and click on Apply.

Now the Status column of the course list shows ✔ for finished courses, ⌚ for courses in progress, ✖ for courses that are not yet available due to missing prerequisites, and nothing for courses you are eligible for.

The filter at the top, which defaults to "Show all", can now be used to filter the list by course state, which is very useful for planning your further education.

The course state is stored purely in your browser, and is automatically loaded when you visit the page on a later date. So if you play on multiple devices, like on desktop and mobile, you have to manage your courses on each device (actually on each browser) separately.

When a course finishes, you can either re-import the current state from your profile page, or manually set the course state in each course's detail view.

Use Cases

Let's look at some possible use cases, and how to use the manager to help you with them.

I am poor, which courses can I take right now?

Filter by courses you are eligible for. Then click on Cost column to sort by cost, and look at the courses on the top of the list.

I am on Moissan Station, and my current course finished. Which one can I take here?

Filter by courses you are eligible for. Then select the checkbox below the column heading Moi, short for Moissan.

I want to do Ship Maintenance Master. How do I get there?

Click on the course name. The pop-up shows a list of prerequisites, along with their status, for example:

  • Introduction to Engineering [Done]
  • Item repair 1 [Done]
  • Item repair 2 [Done]
  • Item repair 3 [In Progress]
  • Introduction to Ship Engineering
  • Basic Ship Maintenance
  • Advanced Ship Maintenance

You can see that Introduction to Ship Engineering is the next course to take. Click on the course name to see where it is available.


The education manager has truly been a community project, with code contributions from

  • moritz
  • Perleone
  • duelafn
  • particle
  • quasidart
  • Azure-Wolf

and data contributions from

  • Shadow
  • Perleone
  • moritz
  • Dotsent
  • duelafn
  • Azure-Wolf

... and possibly others whose contributions I forgot to track. My apologies.

The source code lives on GitHub, and we welcome contributions from everybody.


  1. All of my respect, everyone! Really nice, we will add this cool tool/site to the fan list as well.

    Thanks a lot!

  2. thanks a lot ! very useful

    You finished 19 courses out of 81. You have spent at least 52,980 credits on your education.

    a long way to go - especially when I consider that I financed a lot of those courses by starving myself and selling my rations.

    It would be great if you could add some community info to the pop-up with the course details - "what are the direct benefits from this course ?" for example, I'm still kicking myself for taking the business courses, can't see what they were good for.

    Great tool, thanks. Nice that you can customise the list with info from the game itself, well done.

  3. As for your suggestion about the community info - this is already happening for some courses, it's just that we often lack information on the exact benefits of the course.

    Example of such existing info:

    Jump Gate Navigation

    Understand jump gate construction to increase jump gate travel speed.
    Reduces Jump Gate travel time by 20%. Leaves fuel consumption constant.

    The second line there is information from community. If you have any additional info that's missing there - please ping moritz or comment in this thread!