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[Complete] Medical Stims research - Looking for test subjects


You can read the results of the research at the fresh issue of

Mind that the information below is now obsolete and will not be updated here. Please check for the latest up-to-date version.


As the toxicity formula was discovered, please keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • At any level, AVOID taking stims if your current Toxicity is more than 0%
  • If you are Tier 4 (level 16+), do NOT use any Minor Tier 1 stims
  • If you are Tier 5 (level 21+), do NOT use ANY Tier 1 stims AND do NOT use any Minor Tier 2 stims

Reason: you will almost certainly immediately land in Sick Bay with overdose if you don't heed this warning.

Original message:

Hello everyone!

I'm currently conducting an extensive research on the effects of Medical Stims on the humans. I'm not shying away from experimenting on myself, but I'd really appreaciate MOAR DATA from the fellow adventurers of different tiers, education and stat levels.

Would you like to contribute to some research? It's quite simple and will be well rewarded!

What do you need to do:

  1. Buy or somehow acquire any medical stim (I can send you some upon request)
  2. Use the relevant stat so it's below 100% - for example, train it or do corresponding career tasks
  3. Write down the following numbers:
    • Your current max stat level (e.g. STR 12.2)
    • Your current focus %% (e.g. Focus 90%)
    • Your current stat %% (e.g. STR 40%)
    • The name of the stim you use (just version number is enough)
  4. Use the stim
  5. Write down the following numbers:
    • Stat boost you got from the stim (look at the actual boost aka %% difference, not at the notification message)
    • Focus %% drop, if any
  6. Send the numbers from 3) and 5) to me via PM/In-game email. In addition to those I would need the following fixed information:
    • Your current level
    • Your current completed medical stim Uni courses, if any (relevant courses: Medical Stims, Medical Stims Specialization, Medical Stims Mastery XXX)
    • Whether you are VIP or not

For each complete set of information listed above I will send you a Tier 3 weapon worth around 600 credits if you sell it to the vendors. In addition to that the first person who will send me 10 measurements, will receive a Musty Book - a Pre-Catastrophe artifact that you can sell to the vendors for whopping 5000 credits!

I will also add the names of everyone who participates in this research to my final report that is going to be published at the most respectable scientific journal - The Tau Guide! The current report with raw data can be found here.

Interested? Send me a PM or find me in the chat!


  1. As an aforementioned "test subject" in Dotsent's study, what was omitted from the above experiment was the fact that Dotsent now has knowledge that stims that are significantly lower than your tier are MUCH more toxic than those stims close to your level.

    So, given that there is no IRB around here, I'll warn all future participants that you want to only carefully use stims that are no more than a tier or two below you. Or you will immediately overdose.

    You've now been warned. [From the sickbay]

  2. My apologies for the Sick Bay time you got - and I've just updated the original post!

  3. Discoveries so far

    So, after just a couple of days of collective efforts we already have some first results!

    First of all,

    The Toxicity calculation formula

    Whenever you take a stim, you get some percentage of toxins. Exactly how much - depends on the stim and on your level (or more specifically - your tier). Exact formula is:

    Toxicity = Stim_internal_toxicity × (your_tier - stim_tier + 1)

    So, if you take a Minor Tier 1 stim (all of the Minor stims have toxicity 0.25) while your level is between 1 and 5 then you'll get 25% toxicity, if your level is between 6 and 10 - 50% toxicity, between 11 and 15 - 75% and so on.

    Consuming higher-tier stim leads to immediate Sick Bay

    Currently this can only happen while the players are on Tier 1 - so, consuming a Tier 2 stim while you are still at Tier 1 will give you 100% toxicity and immediate Sick Bay.