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Stat recovery

[PLEASE NOTE: The regeneration rates have changed substantially since this initial post. For more recent data, please read the thread or visit the Tau Player's Guide.]

It looks to me as if stats regenerate at 3% per tick if you have no other bonuses. I'm sure others have been keeping track better than I, so I'd greatly appreciate all input on/corrections to the following:

  • Nothing: +3%
  • Hotel: +4%
  • Well Fed: +4%
  • Hotel + Well Fed: +5% Focus, +4% other
  • VIP: +6%
  • VIP + Hotel: +10-11% Focus, +6-7% other
  • VIP + Well Fed: +12-13% Focus, +8% other
  • VIP + Well Fed + Hotel: +12-13% Focus, +8-9% other

The variations rates are throwing me.


  1. I can confirm the rates you list and add a couple:

    • VIP + Well Fed + Hotel + Healthcare 1: +14-15% Focus, +9-10% other
    • VIP + Well Fed + Hotel + Healthcare 2: +16-18% focus, +11% other

    It seems that the recovery rate is slightly increasing with each tick that you stay in the hotel room.

  2. Good to know, thank you!

  3. Now with Healthcare Mastery, hotel, VIP and Well Fed: +16-18% Focus, +12% other.

  4. So today resting in a Hotel Room after completing Healthcare 1 (no VIP or Well Fed) gave me only +2% Focus. A change, or a bug?

  5. I just wanted to comment that I admire your data-driven approach to power gaming :-)

  6. I love Wikis! =)

    But weren't you the one with the massively impressive spreadsheets calculating average returns for everything after recording hundreds of data points?

  7. Motitz had a text file with recordings of gym efficiencies on different stations.

    The spreadsheet is from gizmomathboy, AFAICR. The hint might be in his name. :>

  8. And here's the spreadsheet screenshot:

  9. I did put things into a spreadsheet eventually:

    But in the end I just concluded that higher station level means higher gains, with about a factor of 4 between level 1 and level 10 stations, and stopped gathering more data.

    Now I'm looking forward to more stations, and Hopefully with higher-level stations and even more awesome stat improvements :-)

  10. I have compiled the values posted here into a table, and included some of my own observations (mostly Healtcare 2 without VIP).

    Currently I think that most of the variability is actually due to rounding. I've observed that with Healtcare 2 + Hotel room + Well fed, the recovery rate for stats were 7, 6, 7 in that order, which isn't explained by staying longer in the hotel room. But if the actual recovery rate were more around 6.5, that would explain it.

    We also know that current stat and focus values are tracked more precise than shown to us, because sometimes you can do career tasks when you have 10% Focus and 20% of your stat, and sometimes you can't.