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[typos] More from ''Solomon's Treasures'' (SPOILERS)
Author: Shadow / comments: 1
203.91/60:296 GCT by Leila
["bug"] Stuck in "Prologue: Fighting off the Pod Fog", no more courses!
Author: duelafn / comments: 4
203.89/68:730 GCT by duelafn
More combat testing required
Author: Leila / comments: 2
203.84/90:641 GCT by Leila
[whining] Forum devolution
Author: Shadow / comments: 2
203.84/88:653 GCT by Leila
Pending Elections - My Q&A
Author: Bob-Simpson / comments: 2
203.84/88:531 GCT by Leila
Combat: Taking aim
Author: Groat / comments: 0
203.84/65:062 GCT by Groat
[typo/bugs] Solomon's Treasures (spoilers!)
Author: duelafn / comments: 3
203.82/68:027 GCT by StarGazer
Post deleted by Nevah at 204.17/76:853 GCT
[Typo] Training message for Mall
Author: Xierumeng / comments: 1
203.79/49:251 GCT by StarGazer
Not getting Syndicate XP from Syndicate Campaigns?
Author: duelafn / comments: 5
203.78/65:215 GCT by StarGazer
[typo] Syndicate failure to apply message
Author: Nevah / comments: 3
203.76/83:808 GCT by Nevah
[typo] Taungoo Station, Side Job ''Ordnance Patrol'' [SPOILER]
Author: Shadow / comments: 1
203.76/62:843 GCT by StarGazer
[typo] Taungoo Station, Storage
Author: Shadow / comments: 1
203.76/62:757 GCT by StarGazer
More Courses!
Author: moritz / comments: 7
203.76/62:497 GCT by StarGazer
[typo] Slug Rifle
Author: Shadow / comments: 1
203.76/62:222 GCT by StarGazer
[Suggestion] Reputation Affects Training
Author: Indecision / comments: 1
203.72/77:357 GCT by Nevah
[bug] Daedalus Side Job ''Test Subject'' [SPOILER]
Author: Shadow / comments: 3
203.71/37:766 GCT by StarGazer
Looking for people to play test some of our changes on our narrative server
Author: Leila / comments: 11
203.71/32:810 GCT by quasidart
Author: Shadow / comments: 0
203.71/11:530 GCT by Shadow
Feedback on the prologue mission
Author: moritz / comments: 2
203.71/11:433 GCT by Shadow