Topic: Please share your feedback in this thread

by StarGazer at 197.04/88:094 GCT

We're still working on forum features, so for the time being, please share your feedback in this thread. We hope this is suits for now, and we will keep you posted about forum improvements.


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The first opponents in YZ Ceti system 's Sewers are far too easy by Groat 3 2 201.09/91:685 GCT
Request for quick-link icons for Inventory and Selling stuff by RoyalBlood 3 1 201.13/51:555 GCT
Syndicate campaign results by AndreaEntangle New! 0 0 201.14/56:400 GCT
Request for Easier and More Convenient Item Shipping by Cayce-1018 3 0 201.11/88:159 GCT
Suggestion: Make Upkeep needed on jumpgates by RoyalBlood 1 0 201.11/75:215 GCT
Request: Transcript of Missions by Cayce-1018 4 0 201.09/51:394 GCT
Time format by FallenMinion 5 0 201.11/61:591 GCT
VIP: Slightly lower vendor cooldown time by Xierumeng 3 0 201.08/15:651 GCT
Combat: Opponent Equipment Damage by Xierumeng 3 0 201.08/15:081 GCT
Post deleted by RoyalBlood at 201.11/74:976 GCT
Feature Request: Make Syndicate Storage accessible via CORETECHS by Perleone 3 0 201.06/45:420 GCT
Link to Syndicate Campaign Results by moritz 1 0 201.08/48:117 GCT
Syndicate Campaign Results: Link to Item Detail pages by moritz 1 0 201.08/48:649 GCT
Combat: Remaining items on belt by Xierumeng 2 0 201.08/78:090 GCT
during campaigns MY TEAM should show member tier/levels by particle 3 0 201.02/75:473 GCT
Wanted: option to move syndicate home station by moritz 8 0 200.93/89:302 GCT
Feature Request: Permanently show equipped gear by Perleone 2 0 201.01/84:699 GCT
Syndicate campaign rewards, take 2 by moritz 2 0 201.01/67:431 GCT
Realistic issue of campaign rewards. by AaronK21214 1 0 201.01/85:452 GCT
No pay for side jobs on Spirit of New York City by Groat 2 0 201.04/73:762 GCT