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Topic: Special Feedback Round: any trouble with Combat?

by StarGazer at 199.10/52:141 GCT

We'd like to know how combat feels for you! In 2 dedicated topics we would love to hear your experience/opinion. Please help us to keep 2 major aspects separated: additional suggestions = new features and problems you are facing with the current system that should be improved (e.g. by giving more feedback).

  • Improving: Do you have any issues? What can be improved?
  • Extending: Do you have additional ideas?

For everything you discuss or suggest; the smaller a modification, the faster it may be integrated to the game!

Share issues you have in here


Title Replies New replies Date Delete Post?
Stat weigh way too much in combat by Dotsent 7 0 200.07/50:301 GCT
Another Attacker Advantage: Strategic Timeouts by moritz 1 0 200.76/71:124 GCT
Opponent still strikes after having been defeated by Perleone 5 0 199.10/53:562 GCT
Balancing and game play by moritz 2 0 199.10/58:672 GCT
Not descriptive enough by Pivko 2 0 199.10/54:381 GCT
Can't un-select items in Combat Belt by quasidart 1 0 199.68/11:150 GCT
Gear condition should be displayed in combat view by Perleone 1 0 199.54/30:014 GCT
Disable Multiple Attack Button Clicks by Void 1 0 199.49/12:826 GCT
Skew between long range and short range by moritz 2 0 199.52/34:235 GCT
Please get rid of the combat stats animation by Perleone 3 0 199.24/59:173 GCT
Damage rating of weapons and high stats by moritz 1 0 199.39/71:159 GCT
Combat skews stats distributions by moritz 1 0 199.24/79:076 GCT
There seems to be a daily allowance of combat by Perleone 1 0 199.10/53:005 GCT