Topic: Special Feedback Round: any trouble with Combat?

by StarGazer at 199.10/52:141 GCT

We'd like to know how combat feels for you! In 2 dedicated topics we would love to hear your experience/opinion. Please help us to keep 2 major aspects separated: additional suggestions = new features and problems you are facing with the current system that should be improved (e.g. by giving more feedback).

  • Improving: Do you have any issues? What can be improved?
  • Extending: Do you have additional ideas?

For everything you discuss or suggest; the smaller a modification, the faster it may be integrated to the game!

Share issues you have in here


Title Replies New replies Date Delete Post?
Another Attacker Advantage: Strategic Timeouts by moritz 1 0 200.76/71:124 GCT
Opponent still strikes after having been defeated by Perleone 5 0 199.10/53:562 GCT
Stat weigh way too much in combat by Dotsent 6 0 200.07/50:301 GCT
Balancing and game play by moritz 2 0 199.10/58:672 GCT
Not descriptive enough by Pivko 2 0 199.10/54:381 GCT
Can't un-select items in Combat Belt by quasidart 1 0 199.68/11:150 GCT
Gear condition should be displayed in combat view by Perleone 1 0 199.54/30:014 GCT
Disable Multiple Attack Button Clicks by Void 1 0 199.49/12:826 GCT
Skew between long range and short range by moritz 2 0 199.52/34:235 GCT
Please get rid of the combat stats animation by Perleone 3 0 199.24/59:173 GCT
Damage rating of weapons and high stats by moritz 1 0 199.39/71:159 GCT
Combat skews stats distributions by moritz 1 0 199.24/79:076 GCT
There seems to be a daily allowance of combat by Perleone 1 0 199.10/53:005 GCT