Subject: Re: Announcing the Tau Station Education Manager

by Suryavarman-III at 200.21/80:723 GCT

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thanks a lot ! very useful

You finished 19 courses out of 81. You have spent at least 52,980 credits on your education.

a long way to go - especially when I consider that I financed a lot of those courses by starving myself and selling my rations.

It would be great if you could add some community info to the pop-up with the course details - "what are the direct benefits from this course ?" for example, I'm still kicking myself for taking the business courses, can't see what they were good for.

Great tool, thanks. Nice that you can customise the list with info from the game itself, well done.


  1. Subject: Re: Re: Announcing the Tau Station Education Manager

    by Dotsent at 200.21/97:958 GCT (edited by Dotsent at 200.21/98:007 GCT)

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    As for your suggestion about the community info - this is already happening for some courses, it's just that we often lack information on the exact benefits of the course.

    Example of such existing info:

    Jump Gate Navigation

    Understand jump gate construction to increase jump gate travel speed.
    Reduces Jump Gate travel time by 20%. Leaves fuel consumption constant.

    The second line there is information from community. If you have any additional info that's missing there - please ping moritz or comment in this thread!