Subject: Re: Medical Stims research - Looking for test subjects

by Dotsent at 198.64/77:581 GCT (edited by Dotsent at 198.67/69:572 GCT)

Replying to: [Complete] Medical Stims research - Looking for test subjects

Discoveries so far

So, after just a couple of days of collective efforts we already have some first results!

First of all,

The Toxicity calculation formula

Whenever you take a stim, you get some percentage of toxins. Exactly how much - depends on the stim and on your level (or more specifically - your tier). Exact formula is:

Toxicity = Stim_internal_toxicity × (your_tier - stim_tier + 1)

So, if you take a Minor Tier 1 stim (all of the Minor stims have toxicity 0.25) while your level is between 1 and 5 then you'll get 25% toxicity, if your level is between 6 and 10 - 50% toxicity, between 11 and 15 - 75% and so on.

Consuming higher-tier stim leads to immediate Sick Bay

Currently this can only happen while the players are on Tier 1 - so, consuming a Tier 2 stim while you are still at Tier 1 will give you 100% toxicity and immediate Sick Bay.