Post: Stat recovery

by Shadow at 197.53/01:501 GCT (edited by Shadow at 199.66/86:689 GCT)

[PLEASE NOTE: The regeneration rates have changed substantially since this initial post. For more recent data, please read the thread or visit the Tau Player's Guide.]

It looks to me as if stats regenerate at 3% per tick if you have no other bonuses. I'm sure others have been keeping track better than I, so I'd greatly appreciate all input on/corrections to the following:

  • Nothing: +3%
  • Hotel: +4%
  • Well Fed: +4%
  • Hotel + Well Fed: +5% Focus, +4% other
  • VIP: +6%
  • VIP + Hotel: +10-11% Focus, +6-7% other
  • VIP + Well Fed: +12-13% Focus, +8% other
  • VIP + Well Fed + Hotel: +12-13% Focus, +8-9% other

The variations rates are throwing me.


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    by moritz at 199.64/64:255 GCT

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    A tick is 5 minutes. Minutes only exist out of game. In-game, only Cycles, Days, Segments and Units exist.

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    by Shadow at 199.65/90:065 GCT

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    Also, as noted elsewhere in this thread, regeneration rates were tweaked after my initial post reporting 3% recovery per tick with no modifiers. It's less now.