We are celebrating a "Happy Hour!" event from 201.48/00:000 GCT to 201.49/00:000 GCT!

Let's celebrate a grand old Terran tradition with a special "Spring" offer! For a limited time, if you buy something in the shop you will receive 50% extra bonds or an extra VIP pack of the next size down!


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Important news and official announcements about the game, such as updates or downtimes.

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Never hesitate to ask questions, because we want to support you and it helps us to spot fields for improvement. You can also use the chat or reach out the Community Team on Skype.

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This section contains all details about how to report issues like bugs and this it is also one channel you can use to share your findings with us.

Game & Test Feedback

Share your opinion about the game or your test experience! What do you like or what needs to be improved from your perspective? Maybe you also want to suggest an additional new feature (for later)?


A place for technical topics.


A place for general discussions about the game, its universe and anything related to it. Please keep in mind the code of conduct and respect other opinions.