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Citizen Council

As author of the Player's Guide and founder of the Tauverse Adventurers United Syndicate, moritz is an experienced Tau Station citizen. Having won the first Citizen Council election, Chairperson moritz is now at your service!

During the election campaign, moritz suggested priorities for the Council's work. These included addressing the 'runaway griefer' problem and ensuring that even advanced players always had something to do in the Tau universe. But moritz also wants to know which changes you’d like to see.

So go ahead, Citizen, don’t be shy! Visit the special council forums and make your voice heard!

The Team

The rest of the council team works alongside the Chairperson to ensure your voice is heard by the Tau Developers.

Remember; any topic which you discuss on the special forums can be put on the council meeting agenda. Your council team will then debate it, and possibly present it to the developers. This is democracy in action, Citizen!

So, without further ado, meet your other representatives below:

The Alternatives