You may know me as Xierumeng: pyromaniac, Harsene, socially inept, insane. Somehow you managed to find my blog. As with the title, I honestly have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm still alive. So I must be doing something right? Stupidity is not a survival trait.

Oh. Dammit. We're immortal.

Razorback mug:


Title Replies Date Delete
Moving by Xierumeng 2 200.09/49:141 GCT  
Drinking by Xierumeng 1 200.01/06:956 GCT  
Raiding a Residence by Xierumeng 1 199.88/22:857 GCT  
Razorback by Xierumeng 6 199.83/85:232 GCT  
Deported by Xierumeng 0 199.83/83:793 GCT  
Eating well by Xierumeng 0 199.43/94:483 GCT