So, my parents died.

I thought I should get that out of the way. I mean, everyone dies right? But here's where it gets a bit twencen. They stayed dead.

Turns out they were broke. Which came as something of a shock, see I'd never really had to care about money. Dad was something major in shipping and ODad was a doctor. Except, well I guess major smuggler is "Something in shipping" and cosmetic surgeon for the mob is technically a doctor.

Long story short, they are both dead and I hiding out on Tau Station while I rebuild my finances. Luckily I had a few bonds and a VIP pack left over so I'm not at rock bottom. But my many years of being a (as ODad always put it) "useless waste of space" have kind of come back to haunt me.

Still, working down at the docks cleaning ships has been kind of therapeutic. I'll keep my nose clean, take some courses and then.... When the time is right I'll find the people who killed my Dad's and make them pay.

Oh. Yes.


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