to be honest, I don't even quite know why I am putting this out there. I'm just another of these port techs from tau, doing some exploring on the side and trying to help people with their problems if I ever stumble on them. but who knows, maybe this will turn into something more or less informational for newcomers, but we'll have to see about that.


Title Replies Date Delete
Pathway to clone command: Pod inspector by Corwinte 0 202.27/86:276 GCT  
Pathway to clone command: Reclamation processor by Corwinte 0 201.57/43:004 GCT  
Pathway to clone command: Pod mucker. by Corwinte 0 201.56/41:212 GCT  
new old beginnings by Corwinte 0 201.10/48:745 GCT  
flashbacks by Corwinte 0 200.24/84:578 GCT  
rood awakening by Corwinte 1 199.83/71:635 GCT  
the long slog by Corwinte 0 199.73/45:638 GCT  
the next frontier by Corwinte 0 199.72/61:614 GCT  
goings on by Corwinte 0 199.60/38:088 GCT  
downloading courses by Corwinte 1 198.89/81:915 GCT  
gatherings by Corwinte 0 199.08/38:948 GCT  
scourge! by Corwinte 0 199.03/84:257 GCT  
clone calamity by Corwinte 0 199.03/59:361 GCT  
bother by Corwinte 0 199.01/36:298 GCT  
down a dark road by Corwinte 0 198.98/53:835 GCT  
favoritism by Corwinte 0 198.96/48:715 GCT  
hitting the injections by Corwinte 0 198.86/81:677 GCT  
The end of the line and ruthless killers by Corwinte 0 198.65/74:250 GCT  
The sites of sol by Corwinte 0 198.32/50:441 GCT  
the strangeness of daedalus by Corwinte 0 198.23/42:147 GCT