-- Amid blaring klaxons and other warning signals from the systems on the emergency bridge, Capt. Bob Simpson attempts to assess exactly what has happened. Lt. Ajax had never been wrong on his numbers, no matter what the odds, and his old friend, LCDR Solon, had provided the exact coordinates.
Something was desperately wrong. Temporal readings made no sense, and how had they wound up crashing through a comet, (from WHERE?!?!) saved only by their shields?
Should have brought both Ajax and Solon along. Then he would have been free to man the helm instead of Lt. Bookman, who took the position as a last resort because all three qualified helmsmen had been lost when the ship blew in half. Now everything not anchored down had begun flying a constantly varying path around the space of what remained of the bridge . . .

Bob: "Burning Sky, Report!!"

Lieutenant Stone-Fist Burning Sky (resolutely, but sounding far less excited than he should be):"We're pitch-poling, Captain. Gravity, life support and mains have failed, and we should hit the atmosphere in --"

Bob: (desperate, drawing on his zero-g training and leaping across the bridge, landing on top of his hapless science officer at the helm): "MOVE!!"

--Bob steadied the half of an escort ship just enough to survive a very sparkly entry into the atmosphere of a planet he'd never seen, then the next thing he knew, he awoke with only vague, fuzzy memories, floating in a tank full of liquid, stark naked, not sure how he was breathing.
Nothing like this at the Academy, which seemed to fade all to quickly as a memory.
What academy?
Who's Dorie?
--The liquid begins oozing out of the tank and his lungs heave out whatever slime has filled them as his eyes and nostrils burn from the sudden transition, Sure he'd been sicker than this before, he couldn't remember . . .
ANYthing . . .
As his latest bout of coughing, gagging and projectile vomitting (slime) began to ease up, he realized two strong but old men were gently holding him up. --

Old man 1: "There now, I'm not sure who Sarah is, but there's plenty of time to find her later."

Old man 2: "I didn't think you'd make it. There was barely enough of you to put together a sample for your clone--"

Bob:(FURIOUS)"I am a Star Fleet officer! What do you mean MY clone?!"

Old man 1: "Well, once we get you in some clothes, we've got lots to talk about . . . "

Old man 2 (whispers to old man 1): "Who's Star Fleet?"

--Both old men fall silent as they help Bob into a dressing room. At least he'd been spared the indignity of having them dress him. 'Who's Star Fleet?' What did they mean?
Surely one of Ajax's pranks . . . Wait, who . . .


Woman's voice:"You okay in there?"


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