After the devastation of the Catastrophe, medical supplies were in higher demand than ever before. Sickbays were hastily refurbished, clone vats brought back online, and the manufacture of medical stims was prioritized.

Due to lack of clear standards in the naming of the stims, the names were somewhat arbitrary and led to many medical professionals being confused as to which stim to offer for a given condition. To deal with this issue, an inter-governmental agreement between the Consortium and the Gaule Protectorate developed an interstellar standard for naming of stims to reduce confusion amongst medical professionals and consumers. The name is comprised of four parts:

1   2   3    4
Sta T01-V004-6.00-0.075
Civ T04-V009-10.05x2-0.05
Mil T04-V029-6.34x4-0.12
  • The first part is a three-letter code identifying the "type" of stim.
  • The second part, beginning with the letter "T", indicates the "tier" of the stim.
  • The third part, beginning with the letter "V", indicates the "variant" of the stim and encodes exactly which stats are affected.
  • The last part is a medical indication of the amount of benefit the stim gives per stat.

With this naming scheme, a competent medic can quickly select an appropriate medical stim for the condition at hand. All relevant information is encoded in the name of the stim, though some might find it easier to read the stim details.

Stim Type

The three letter code that begins the stim name indicates the type. The codes are as follows:

StrThis stim boosts strength.
AgiThis stim boosts agility.
StaThis stim boosts stamina.
SocThis stim boosts social.
IntThis stim boosts intelligence.
CivCivilian grade "multi" stim which boosts two to three stats.
MilMilitary grade "multi" stim which boosts four to five stats.

Stim Variant

The stim variant is the hardest part of the name to understand and it''s one that well-trained medical professionals focus on. Each stat is given a number and, when added together, the make a unique "variant" for that sime.


Thus, a "variant" of V25 must be a civilian stim boosting strength, social, and intelligence, as that is the only combination of values adding to 25.

Stim Benefits

Each stat has its benefit listed here, from strength to intelligence (in the order listed above), with toxicity as the final number. If the same value is seen multiple times, it''s indicated with an x followed by the number of times the stat was seen. Thus, for Civ T04-V009-10.05x2-0.05, we know that:

  • "Civ": It''s a civilian stim
  • "T4": Tier 4
  • "V009": stats 1 and 8 (strength and social)
  • "10.05x2-0.05": strength and social are both boosted by 10.05, and 0.05 is the toxicity level of this stim.