Clones are one of the most mysterious technologies that pre-Catastrophe humanity mastered. We still do not understand this technology. While our medical technology is sufficiently advanced that you can be revived at any station with a sick bay, mortal injury at a station without a sick bay is serious and will automatically reactivate your latest clone. Though the research in this area is ongoing, we still do not know how this activation is done both automatically and instantaneously, much less how the new clone retains your memories.

There are obvious modifications in the human genome which cause a non-organic chip to be created in the brain near the amygdala. This chip appears to activate on death and is hypothesized to be the mechanism by which the clones are activated. Some researchers claim other functions for the "amygchip", as it's known, but this is merely speculation.

Every human has a basic clone template stored in the cloning vats of Tau Station. If you have never gestated a new clone, your body will be recreated at the cloning vats of Tau Station, minus, of course, whatever you were carrying, though your effects will be collected and stored in the government center of the center where you died.

However, if you have gestated a new clone, your body will be recreated at whichever station's cloning vat you last gestated a clone. Once spawned, that clone is gone and further spawns will use your basic template at Tau Station unless you have a new clone gestated. In fact, even newly gestated clones must start from your basic template and the further you diverge from the template, the more work is required to gestate the clone. Unfortunately, that does increase the costs.

Legal Implications

While it's been settled that a newly spawned cloned has the same legal status as its progenitor, many people are uncomfortable with this. Making the situation worse is a legal case which transpired approximately 125 cycles after the Catastrophe. A newly spawned clone claimed one "Boris Bojinov", resident of the Julia Kristeva Station, murdered him. However, Bojinov denied the allegations and the progenitor's body was also not found. A suit was brought against the station administrators for not maintaining their monitors. The suit was dismissed, but this ultimately led to driving the Julia Kristeva Station to independent affiliation.

Almost four decades later, in 163 AC, another case arose when the clone spawn malfunctioned and two clones from a single progenitor spawned at the same time. This is the only occurrence of this and both clones swiftly disappeared, leading many to suspect foul play.

The People Against Clone Abuse (PACA) activist group also lobbies heavily against the practice of "clone disposal" when a progenitor decides to update a clone. PACA is generally not taken seriously.