Over the centuries, humanity has been genetically engineered to produce an inorganic "amygchip" in the brain. The construction of the amygchip is not well-understood, but its behavior is.

When a clone is purchased, a reference scan of the brain is performed and the data stored at a clonevat. This data is encrypted with a cryptographic system known as the "Obi homomorphic lattice", or "Obi lattice" for short. Little is known about it other than an African mathematician developed a lattice cryptographic system which is theoretically unbreakable except by brute force, even with quantum computers. After the reference scan, the amygchip is constantly broadcasting to the "Mesh", a Galactic wide mesh network that runs through jump gates. Periodically the amygchip broadcasts an encrypted key frame and constantly streams encrypted diffs of said frame until the next keyframe broadcast. This stream is distributed to all clones matching the amygchip signature.

When a person with an amygchip dies, a "dead man's switch" is triggered causing their latest clone to be decanted. If that clone is in another star system, there may be a significant delay in decanting.