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Ship Command

Leïla Contraire - Admiral

Curtis "Ovid" Poe - Captain

Teut Weidemann - Helmsman

Annabelle Chantris - Quartermaster


Yaroslav Polyakov - Chief Engineer

Ilya Chesnokov - Engineer

Cees Hek - Engineer

Noel Maddy - Engineer

Peter Mottram - Engineer

Chris Prather - Engineer

Shawn Sorichetti - Engineer

Aaron Travena - Engineer

Joshua Forest - Engineer

Florin Mesaros - Engineer

Vessel Mainframe

Rinchen Emma Ridley - Chief Mainframe Technician

Glade Kettle - Mainframe Technician

Vladislav Ociacia - Mainframe Technician

Tania Stepenko - Mainframe Technician

Omni-Reality Architecture

Erin Knowles - Chief Omni-Reality Architect

Madeleine Patton - Omni-Reality Architect

Dejan Levi - Omni-Reality Architect

Al Stellakis - Omni-Reality Architect


Manni Jacobs - Chief Communications Officer

Marvin Mur - Communication Ensign